Just Getting Started: Our Full Time RV Adventure

“Off we go into the wild blue yonder…”

Despite spending almost an entire decade in the Air Force, I can’t imagine using that song (The Air Force Song) in any kind of straight-faced serious manner. I sure am proud of my service, but there is some things I just won’t do.

But seriously, off we go, the five of us, in all of our 59 total feet of glory on a FULL TIME RV adventure.

For those of you that do not know me or my family and have somehow stumbled across this page, we are the Bozgoz family. There is my beautiful wife Lindsay, the inspiration and brains behind our crazy adventure. Our oldest daughter Thea (6), who is the most creative person I have ever met. Our youngest, Josie (2), who might be more animal than human most days. THE dog Maggie, who gives Josie a run for her money on who is more humanesque. And finally, there is me. My name is Ethan. I just separated from the Air Force and before setting down more permanent roots than possible with a military lifestyle, my family decided to dig all of our roots up, load them into a fifth wheel and drag them around the country for a few years. Crazy, right?

I have heard everything from, “That’s awesome! What an experience” to “Why would you want to do that?” in response to telling others about this adventure. It is definitely not for everybody, and it may not even be for us, but what do you know unless you try?

The only thing I do know is that we are definitely going to have some stories to tell from this adventure, hence the blog. And I know what your thinking…(insert meme of guy twirling his handlebar mustache telling you to check on his blog).

Here is my first insight:

While I was finishing up the details of separating from the military, my wife was on the other side of the country on the most expensive shopping spree of her life. Picking out the trailer that would become our home for the next few years. I think it is safe to say that I trust my wife A LOT.

So what did we end up with? THE BIGGEST TRAILER SHE COULD POSSIBLY FIND!!!! A KZ Durango Gold 382MBQ. I swear she had to walk into the RV dealership and say give me the biggest thing you got. I want to be able to sit in one end and feel like I am in a different state than my husband in the other end.

Alright honey. I get it, you need your space.

All kidding aside, she did a great job ensuring we got the perfect trailer to call home, even if it is The Empire State Building laid on its side.

So here we are setting off on our full time RV adventure, starting in Southeast Georgia, heading to wherever the road takes us and every…single…gas station in between.

You can find a quick synopsis of each adventure on our instagram here.

Learn more about our first adventure where we go kayaking with manatees here.

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