Our Adventure

Follow along to hear the stories of the good times, the unfortunate hijinks, and incredible sights as we explore the United States.

  • How now, Sea Cow?

    How now, Sea Cow?

    The first stop on our trip brings us to Lake City, Florida. A conveniently located campground between some long-time friends and Manatee Springs, Florida. The spring here on the Suwanee River creates year round 72 degree water and a perfect wintering ground the West Indian Manatee. This trip marked the second time I have personally…

  • Just Getting Started: Our Full Time RV Adventure

    Just Getting Started: Our Full Time RV Adventure

    “Off we go into the wild blue yonder…” Despite spending almost an entire decade in the Air Force, I can’t imagine using that song (The Air Force Song) in any kind of straight-faced serious manner. I sure am proud of my service, but there is some things I just won’t do. But seriously, off we…

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